InspectorMARS App

InspectorMARS is an Android app used to create repair estimates for Hapag-Lloyd shipping containers.

It allows shipping container surveyors to create repair estimates for Hapag-Lloyd quickly and easily, even without an internet connection.

Surveyors select from short picklists to create the correct Hapag-Lloyd MARS code for each repair. No need to look up or remember thousands of code combinations.
The app take the user through the inspection coding process step by step, ensuring that the code is correct.
Photograph damages to the container, and the photographs are automatically linked to the estimate and individual repairs.
No need to spend time on sizing, downloading, saving, and cataloguing photographs.

Available in English, Spanish or Portuguese. Other languages can be added on request.

Surveyors can price repairs themselves or use pre-loaded tariffs of labour hours and material costs.
Tariffs will automatically price each repair ensuring that prices are always correct and consistent.

Automatically create professional estimates which can be sent without delay from the app to Hapag-Lloyd.
Copies of every estimate are also sent to the company’s email address to enable estimates to be organised and stored in the company’s email system.

The InspectorMARS app differs from the MARS Estimate app in that it is an integrated system, sharing data across devices, and allowing multiple users to share company, depot, tariff and pricing information.
Tariffs can be imported from excel worksheets, allowing automated pricing of repairs.
There is also a back end messaging system for sending of estimates and photographs, with a synchronised message status system, so surveyors can see what messages have been sent to customer and when.

It saves time and effort, and streamlines the estimating processes.

You can download the app directly onto your Android device from our download page and try it for free.

Or contact us at for further information.