InspectorMARS is an app for Android mobile phones and tablets.

It is compatible with Android 7 or later. Earlier versions are not supported.

InspectorMARS is free to try. No payment details are required to try it. Should you decide to use it past the free trial period, then you will be asked if you want to purchase a license. The license cost is minimal and you can stop using it at anytime without any additional cost.

Before downloading the InspectorMARS App please read the End User License Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Please note that by downloading the InspectorMARS App you are agreeing to the End User License Agreement.

Download Instructions
If your device is Android 8 or later then download and install InspectorMARS using the following procedure:
On your device, open up your browser and navigate to this page, and Click on this download link.

The app will download.
Wait for the download to complete and the open the downloaded file to install it.

If you device is Android 7 then before carrying out the above Download Instructions, it is necessary to first go to your device Settings, and then to the Security Settings, and then enable the Install from Unknown Sources option.

You will then be able to download and install InspectorMARS following the above Download Instructions.

When you first install InspectorMARS there is an onboarding procedure to set up an account to enable you to share data with other users of the same account. It is recommended that you create a single company account and logon. Anything you input is kept securely and is only used by you and your company.

If you have any concerns, or questions, or need help then please contact us at