You can use Android mobile phones or tablets to run InspectorMARS.

You don’t need to have mobile phone connectivity, but you do need to be able to connect to the internet to send emails. This can be done through either wifi or mobile phone connectivity.

A device with a good camera to photograph container damage is recommended.

Any devices running Android version 7 or above can be used, although the latest version of Android is always the best.
InspectorMARS and MARS Estimate do not currently run on iPhones.

Inspectors usually prefer mobile phones as they are easy to carry.
However some inspectors prefer a larger screen, in which case a 7 or 8 inch tablet can be a good choice.
We don’t recommend going much larger than a 8 inch tablet. The bigger the device, the easier it is to damage, and more awkward to carry.

Although devices are fairly robust, it is recommended that you use a rugged device. You are going to be using it in all weathers and it is going to get dropped or wet or dusty. One of the best value rugged devices is the Samsung Galaxy XCover 5. It looks like an ordinary mobile phone but it is well protected with an IP68 rating, meaning it is water resistant in up to 1.5 metres of fresh water for up to 30 minutes, and protected from dust, dirt, and sand.
Its drop test results meet MIL STD 810H standard which is form of testing designed by the US Military.