Privacy Policy for InspectorMARS app

18 November 2022

“We” refers to the company Lesents Limited located in United Kingdom who are the owners of the InspectorMARS app.

We respect your privacy.

We only collect information relevant to the processes being carried out in the app.
We do not share data with third parties, other than our payment and authentication suppliers, who are necessary for the operation of the app.

In order to keep your company data safe, so only you and other members of your company can access your data, we need you to logon and register a company account. Only the minimum data is gathered in order to authenticate your company account and this data is held by our authentication supplier and shared only with us. We may use this company
authentication information in order to contact you. We will only contact you in regards to this application or to advise you of similar products created by us.
All users using the same company account have access to and share the same data.

We do not collect or store payment card details, as these are handled by our payment supplier. We do not have access to this information. We collect some card holder details, in order to pass this to our payments supplier so that they can verify the card holder for card payments, and for us to create and send invoices.

The data you input will be stored and processed in our systems and sent only to your customer as directed by you.

We collect some information about the devices that the application is installed on, in order to identify the devices and check compatibility with the app.

If you cease to use the system we will retain your data for 90 days after the expiry of your license and then will delete all your data. If you wish your data to be deleted sooner, please contact us and we will do so.

If you need any further information please contact us at and we will be happy to help.